Version 1.0

Take your "bucket list" to the next level with BucketShare, an innovative, interactive list of things you want to achieve.

Type your ideas in the search box to find things you haven't experienced yet and add them to your buckets.

Mark items on your BucketShare completed once you finish them. Also feel free to edit the items description or delete the item if you would like to remove it.

Add new unique items to your BucketShare!

Limit your Buckets to shortened summaries of what you want to accomplish.

Change the theme of your BucketShare! to your own personal style.

I Make Apps

I started making apps as a way to be more organized at work and get things done quicker.
Creating and selling apps started in 2010 and today I have a multiple apps in various app stores.

The Team

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BucketShare 1.0

Released on Aug 17, 2012
  • First release thanks for downloading.

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